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"Impact Investing": Investments made to generate a measurable,
beneficial social or environmental impact
alongside a financial return. Synonyms are social investing, green investments or ethical investments.


As a social entrepreneur in the AgTech startup sector in India, I come across many impact and social startups on a daily basis. Those startups do fantastic work, yet they often lack the public awareness they deserve and need to attract investors. Among those startups are real game changers that can only be discovered if one is active in the ecosystem.

This is where I come in. I support foreign individual investors, business angels and institutional investors to find profitable impact investments in India.

The difference to most investment consultants is that, as a social entrepreneur, my inner drive is to facilitate positive change in the world. I work with investors who share this drive and have the corresponding attitude. I make sure startups and investors alike will grow strong and sustainable throughout the partnership.



With 1.5 million graduates every year, India has globally the largest share of engineering students. However, only 7% of those graduates are rated as employable.

India has some of the youngest workforce in the world with over 65% being below 35 years. However, the youth unemployment is massive with over 16%.

India's economy strongly grows at an average of 6-7% over the next years. However, the gap between poor and rich increases with 60% of the population living on less than 3.10 USD per day. 10% of the country, control 80% of its wealth.

The government has implemented strong schemes in regard to startups. While momentum increases, there currently is a gap of around 5 billion USD per year for social impact investments.

Availability of healthcare in India is increasing day by day. However, it is not available to all and with approx. 8% of the population affected, India is the diabetes capital of the world.

Map of India

With Mumbai reaching 42m and Delhi 36m inhabitants in 2050, India's city infrastructure needs to see rapid growth in the next decades. At the same time, pollution needs to be heavily decreased, with currently 15 out of the 20 most polluted cities worldwide being in India.

India's farming outputs grow at a stable 4% yearly. However, due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. already around 33% of all agricultural soil is considered to be moderately to highly degraded.

India will overtake China as worlds most populous country in 2022, causing a strong increase in food requirements. However, around 35% to 40% of all food produced is either wasted or spoiled along the supply chain.

The two locations with the highest annual rainfall globally are located in the North-East of India. At the same time, climate change decreases rainfalls in most parts of the country with over 42% of the land area and 500m people being affected.

India is a country with an abundance of opportunities in the impact investment sector. With "Startup India", "Invest India" and "Make in India", the Indian government has implemented strong policies and schemes that created a beneficial environment for local and foreign investors.

On the one hand there is strong growth and a stable legal and political framework. On the other hand there is a plethora of unsolved social, economical and environmental issues that heavily affect the country and its people. Together with brilliant local entrepreneurs we can work on solving those.



Over the last few years I have identified 6 core areas where profitable startups are being built in and impact projects can be started in. Strong knowledge is required in those sectors since some have a restricted FDI policy and a highly country specific alignment.


Areas & Examples:
AgTech, AgriTech, Soil Degradation, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Pesticides, Water Shortage, Droughts, Market Linkage, Farming Machinery, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Farm Automation, Agriculture Robots, Organic Farming Techniques, Vertical Farming, Drip Irrigation, Cold Storage


Areas & Examples:
Waste Management, Waste Treatment, Composting, Recycling, Upcycling, Cradle to Cradle, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Mitigation, Water Pollution, Water Desalination, Water Filters, Waste Collection


Areas & Examples:
Telemedicine, Remote Diagnostics, Rural Healthcare, eHealth, Digital Patient Files, Fitness, Wellness, Ethical Medical Research, Healthy Food, Organic Food


Areas & Examples:
Rural Education, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Dual-System Education, Entrance Exam Preparations, Distance Learning

Green Energy

Areas & Examples:
Clean Energy, Photovoltaics (PV), Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Water Energy, Energy Storage, Rural Electrification, Micro-Grids, Decentralized Energy Generation, Energy Savings, Energy Consumption Auditing, Renewable Energy


Areas & Examples:
e-Mobility, Electric Vehicles (EV), Shared Transport, Charging Infrastructure, Hydrogen Fuel, Last Mile Transport, Supply Chain Management

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Bharat Impact is NOT a mutual fund, investment vehicle or a crowdfunding platform. I advise foreign individuals, business angels, institutional investors and companies (from all around the world), who have the right attitude to leave a positive mark in the world, while still making sustainable profits.

Investments can be made across all stages of a startup lifecycle from Pre-Seed to Series A, B, C. To that I work on individual impact projects for investors or companies.

Startup and Project Investments

I am working within the full range of impact investments in India. This includes scouting, setup of an Indian investment vehicle (if required) and due diligence support.

After completion of an investment I supervise and support the individual investments or the implementation of an impact project to ensure sustainable success.

Corporate CSR Activities

I support foreign enterprises to plan, set up and manage their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and Responsible Business Investments in India.

This can be through impact projects, but also includes building up Startup programs, hackathons, Startup bootcamps, accelerators and incubators.



My name is Flo Oberhofer and I am a social entrepreneur from Germany. I have studied, lived and worked with India for over 10 years. While doing so I have developed a deep understanding of the country and its people.

As a former student of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIT) Madras in Chennai I have managed to build up an exceptional personal and business network all over the country. Since I am very active in the Startup ecosystem across India, I have been appointed as a Honorary Ambassador to the German Indian Startup Exchange Program (GINSEP) which strongly connects me to all players in this area.


My personal background is in banking and management. However, I have successfully worked on projects and own startups in a large range of industries; from industrial automation to mobile payment to agriculture and clean-tech. Through that I have managed to build up a significant knowledge about engineering topics and technology. I have also supported German SMEs with entering the Indian market. Currently I am building my own Social Impact Startup in the AgTech sector in India.

I am a hands-on person who strongly believes that making a positive impact in the world while making sustainable returns are not two mutally exclusive targets. I find this combination rather to be the new way of doing business and want to contribute with Bharat Impact to this mission.



On the mission to work on India's most pressing social, economical and environmental issues through Impact Investments, I have partnered with India's best. I maintain a close collaboration with a large range of high-level founders, universities, incubators, accelerators, governmental agencies and other organisations (a full list of partners to display here is currently in the making).



The following is a list of for-profit Impact Startups that have been seeking investment in the past. The list is just a small extract of a large range of startups being active across industries. The Indian Impact Startup ecosystem ranges from low-tech high-impact product Startups to high-tech service-based ventures which utilize Aritificial Intelligence (AI).

Impact Co-Working

A beautifully designed co-working space in Delhi that focuses on building impact related startups by providing them full access to lab and workshop equipment as well as funding and expertise.

Affordable Housing

A low-cost, sturdy housing solution for India's bottom of the pyramid with new age sustainable raw materials “composite paper honeycomb panels”, assembling manuals and instructions videos.

Pond Conditioning

Humified natural, non-chemical, bio-active nutrient-cum-pond conditioner based on micro-organisms who help restore India's highly polluted water bodies.

e-Mobility Motorbike

Building India's first electric powered motorcycle with the target to expand operations also into e-scooters, bicycles and delivery vehicles.

Brain Injury Diagnosis

Portable, non invasive and low-cost brain hemorrhage detector for fast diagnosis of brain injuries in areas where there is no MRI/CT infrastructure available.

Parkinson Management

Tele-health platform for Parkinson-related allied healthcare services to ease lives of Parkinson patients.

Organic Local Snacks

Processing and sales of traditional Indian snacks like Nuts coming out of organic agriculture of marginal farmers in rural India.

Waste Segregation

All-in-One waste segregation machine that solves the pressing problem of sorting garbage into organic and non-organic components to process and recycle it further.

Alternative Communication

Building a wearable device having input sensors on fingers to develop an alternative way of communication for deaf and mute people.

Mobile Dental Care

AI-based solution to deliver dental care and hygiene to the door-step of low-income communities in India.

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If you are as passionate and keen about Impact Investments as I am, lets get in touch.

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